The Ultimate Weapon

Game-changing performance in a premium putter

We are proud to introduce the Bloodline RG-1 Mallet.

Over the last 50 years, performance improvements in putters have been scarce compared to what we have seen in other clubs and golf balls. This is illustrated by the fact that there are many PGA TOUR players using a head, shaft, or grip on their putter that is nearly identical to what was available in the 70’s.

With the Bloodline putter, you can align putts from a better perspective. From behind the face, it’s possible to see the club, ball, target line, and hole without having to tilt your head or use your peripheral vision.

We started with a simple concept of designing a premium putter head and matching it with a high performance carbon fiber shaft. We believed it would be possible to design a putter that could take advantages of stand-up features for alignment but wouldn’t sacrifice anything when it came to feel at impact, distance control, and precise ball striking. A portfolio of patents cover the proprietary aspects of the Bloodline putter’s cutting-edge technology.

This beautiful and functional design of the Bloodline putter will elevate your putting in more ways than one.

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  • TYPE



    Body/Face - CNC machined, anodized aluminum
    Sole - Stainless steel


    Weight - 380 grams
    Loft - 2.5°
    Face length - 3.75”
    Max heel/toe width - 4”
    Depth - 3”
    Lie - 69° (standard)


    Carbon fiber


    Sub-50g with integrated, oversized, round grip


    Aluminum (Python v4 14g.)

  • Price

    $499 USD

    - all specs subject to change

Design Details


The technology in Bloodline putters makes it possible for a player to clearly see where the putter is aligned because they can walk behind it while it stands alone. Bloodline is not the first stand-up putter but it is the first stand-up putter that can meet the many demands of a PGA TOUR player.

The proven recipe of removing mass from a specific part of a golf club in combination with utilizing more advanced materials is at the foundation of many of the improvements in driver technology. We applied this technique to putters and started by removing as much weight as possible from the shaft and grip. With our ultralight shaft/grip, a putter will stand on its own with a head that is of conventional size and shape.

However, we have also incorporated an innovative sole design that features touch points in the heel to stabilize the putter at the proper lie, loft, and face angle.

Modernized Shaft/Grip

When it comes to putter shafts, length seems to be the only spec that most other companies mention. It is just assumed that all putters are built with a standard steel shaft.

In the Bloodline putter, designing a putter shaft that is unlike anything that has been played before makes the difference. We have created an ultralight shaft that does not compromise on feel or flex characteristics. We have also integrated an oversized gripping section directly into the shaft.

Compared to the traditional 100 gram steel putter shaft and 50 gram rubber grip, we’ve removed over 2/3rds (or ~100 grams) from this part of the club. This pioneering construction enables Bloodline putters to have an extremely low balance point that helps give more feel and release during the stroke.

Tour Performance Head

The first objective was to design a head that players would choose to play regardless of whether it stands up on its own or not. We chose a construction that features a machined aluminum face, body, and hosel that are bonded to a stainless steel sole plate. We needed the feel at impact, roll off the face, and mass properties to work for the best players in the world.

Additionally, we developed a unique sole design that helps the putter stand alone without interfering with the ground during the swing. We went through numerous iterations and have a proprietary combination of touch points that are critical to Bloodline’s breakthrough technology.