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Drive for show, putt for dough

We’ve all heard the adage “drive for show, putt for dough”, and if you don’t believe it, ask Brian Harman, who proved how important strong play on the greens can be. He played consistently well throughout the Open Championship, but his putting was one of the main reasons his name is now engraved on the coveted claret jug.

"I have the mentality that I expect to make putts," Harman says of his putting. "Putting has always been a key for me."

Here are a few of his mind-blowing putting statistics:

  •  He dropped 44 of 44 putts from five feet and in, 14 of 15 putts from between five and 10 feet, and 6 of 29 putts outside of 20 feet.
  • He did not three-putt once.
  • He had a total of 106 putts this week, which is the fewest by an Open winner in the last 20 years. 
  • He finished first in strokes gained/putting at The Open, gaining an incredible 11.57 strokes with his putter. 
  • For the season, Harman ranks 39th in Strokes Gained: Putting, and he ranks 1st in putts from within six feet.

What’s his secret? 

According to his coach, Justin Parsons, when looking for more consistency in his putting, Harman turned to a training aid that helps keep his stroke on a repeatable arc. That seems easy enough.

How can you improve your putting?

Did you know that misalignment is the #1 reason for missed putts? A putt aimed 1° off line from 10' will miss the target by 2". 

Here at Bloodline, we are proud that our stand-up putter is helping people make more putts through better alignment, more consistency and more confidence.

The stand-up ability of a Bloodline putter enables you to aim at the target from the optimal aim position. When your body is positioned looking down the target line directly from behind the putter with your eyes parallel to the horizon, you are in the most accurate aim position. By letting go of the putter and walking behind it you can see exactly where your putter is aimed. 

This simple routine allows you to check and correct your misaimed putts which reduces your margin of error and increases your confidence and the probability of making more putts.

Our technology puts you in the proper position all the time. It’s as close as you can get to having a training aid out on the course with you!

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