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R1-J Blade 2018

R1-J Blade 2018

R1-J Blade 2018


Revolutionary technology in a familiar head shape

Bloodline's R1-J Blade features the potent performance benefit of being able to stand on its own behind the ball on the putting green.  Select between:

  • 33", 34" (standard), and 35" length 
  • 67.5° (flat), 69.5°· (standard), and 71.5° (upright) lie

This functionality allows a player to stand on the target line and more accurately line up the face behind the ball. Better alignment combined with improved confidence can free up players to make a more committed and constant stroke.

As you might expect, the blade is not quite as stable as the Bloodline's RG-1 mallet in its ability to stand alone in windy or uneven lie conditions. However, the R1-J Blade is surprising in how stable and solid it feels at impact as well as how it stands on its own. Despite a relatively compact footprint, the patent protected ultra-low balance point helps the putter balance and encourages the club head to release during the swing.


    Body/Face - CNC machined, anodized aluminum
    Sole - Stainless steel


    Weight - 395 grams; Loft - 2.7°; Face length - 4.6”; Depth - 2”; Lie - 69.5° (standard)


    Carbon fiber


    Sub-50g with integrated, oversized, round grip


    CNC machined aluminum, interchangeable