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Game Changers in Golf: Evolution of the Sand Wedge

Spending time in the sand is great if you’re at the beach, but not if you’re on a golf course. In modern times, most golfers have a sand wedge to help them out of the bunker. However, before the early 1930s, golfers had only one wedge in their bag: a pitching wedge, commonly called a “jigger.” Many golfers had a difficult time getting their balls out of the bunker...

Game Changers in Golf: Evolution of the Steel Shaft

Today, we’re going to talk about an innovation that changed the way golfers swing the club: the steel shaft.

In the early days of golf (we’re talking the 17th and 18th centuries), golf clubs were made from whatever hardwood was available locally. Heads were made from tough woods and were connected to the shaft using a splint and then bound using leather straps. 

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