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5 Keys to Putting

Today, Bloodline Co-Founder, Brad Adams has a few tips for us to help improve our putting.

Brad knows a few things about putting. He’s been in the golf industry for over 30 years. In 1991 he became Sr VP at Odyssey Golf and was a key member of the team that built that brand that continues to dominate the putter category.

Brad is credited with developing and co-authoring the Odyssey polymer insert patent. During his tenure managing the PGA, SPGA, LPGA and EPGA tours, Odyssey saw over 200 players win more than 100 events, including multiple majors.

After his time with Odyssey, Brad started the Never Compromise putter company which had more victories on the major golf tours in its first year than any putter brand in history.

Here are his 5 keys to putting:

1. Confidence
Anytime you go out for a round and uncertainty crosses your mind it is impossible to recover. Establish confidence by knowing exactly where you are aimed so you can make a committed stroke and better.
2. Consistency
You must be aimed properly and consistently to make putts. The more often you set yourself up in the same position the more likely your ball will be rolling in the hole.
3. Calm
All of the best putters in the world eliminate tension before putting. You cannot expect to make a smooth stroke if you are tension in your hands or arms. The stroke will be jerky and result in inconsistency.
4. Stroke
Simple. Smooth. Pure. A putting stroke does not need to be a complex thing. Simply rocking your shoulders and maintaining the triangle will smoothly release the putter head and result in a purer and more consistent stroke.
5. Compete
Treat every putt like its to win a tournament. This doesn't mean you have to be extra tense. Instead, by making every putt meaningful, it will make the putts where the pressure is really on that much easier because you already approach every putt that way.


As Brad mentions, confidence and aim are both important when it comes to putting. Bloodline technology takes alignment out of the equation by making it possible for a player to clearly see where the putter is aimed because they can walk behind it while it stands alone. We help people make more putts through better alignment, more consistency and more confidence.

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