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The History of Valhalla Golf Club

Nestled in the rolling hills 20 miles east of Louisville, Kentucky, lies Valhalla Golf Club – a testament to vision, design excellence, and a passion for the game. Its history, intertwined with the PGA Championship, paints a picture of ambition, competition, and becoming a major player on the golfing landscape.

Celebrating Mother's Day with the Golf-Loving Mom

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Mother's Day with the mom who has a passion for the fairway? Look no further! Here are some ideas to create a memorable day that combines her love for golf with quality time spent together.

Mastering the Green: Effective Putting Practice Techniques for Lower Scores

The golf season has arrived, and golfers are dusting off their clubs and getting out on the course. Many people will head for the range to get a few swings in before their first round of the season, but it’s important to practice all aspects of the game. Putting is often overlooked when it comes to practice, yet it holds the key to unlocking lower golf scores. Consistent putting can shave strokes off your game and leave you feeling confident on the green. Here are some effective ways to practice putting and elevate your performance...

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