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Bloodline FAQs

Bloodline putters are unique because they stand alone on the green and allow you to easily align your putter from behind the ball. Because of this, we often receive the same questions about our putters from people on social media. We decided to answer a few of the most popular questions today.

Will using a Bloodline putter slow down play?

Using a Bloodline putter should take players the same amount of time or even less total time on the greens. Many players are very familiar with aligning the line on their ball before they putt and lining up your putter is very similar. 

Bloodline can take even less time because putts start on better lines, players are able to quickly and easily self-diagnose whether they are aimed properly, and most players modify their putting pre-shot routine to blend in the element of lining up from behind in a way that has little (if any) impact on how long it takes for a group to putt out.

Why are Bloodline R-Series and T8 putters so expensive?

The putter is the MOST IMPORTANT and most used club in your bag. 

What would it be worth to be better aligned and more confident about your alignment on every putt?

If you care about the score on your card, it is definitely worth more than your driver!

Bloodline's R Series, T8, and Vale (AA) are all premium products and price points because they are expensive to make.  Like the best things in life, there is NOTHING ELSE LIKE a Bloodline putter. The three-piece, CNC milled, multi-material head is an extremely complex design to manufacture.  

All the milled Bloodline putters include adjustable head weight, patented touch-point sole design features, and optimized cg/MOI.

The materials and production technique used to make our proprietary shaft/grip combination in all our putters are very similar to what goes into a super-premium metal wood shaft that can cost $300+ for only the shaft.  This is a significant upgrade and cost increase compared to the rubber grip and steel shaft that are found in about 99% of putters that have been sold over the last 20+ years.

Bloodline putters are worth every penny 

If you want to purchase the most affordable Bloodline putter, try our Vale HPP model. It features a High-Performance Polymer (HPP) head that is less expensive to manufacture, but still provides great feel!

The Vale HPP features the same proprietary shaft/grip combination as our other putters. This allows all our putters to stand on their own, making it possible for a player to clearly see where the putter is aligned because they can walk behind it while it stands alone. Bloodline is not the first stand-up putter, but it is the first stand-up putter that can meet the many demands of a PGA TOUR player.

Are Bloodline putters legal?

Bloodline putters conform with the “Rules of Golf”. We began meeting with the USGA during the prototype design process as early as 2016 to make sure that our designs and this functionality would be conforming for tournament play.  We have had 5 wins on professional tours (including both Champions and the predecessor to the Korn Ferry Tours).

Let us know if you have any questions about Bloodline putters that you’d like answered.
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