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Happy Mother’s Day!

This weekend we celebrate our mothers and all the important mother figures in our life. Mother's Day is a special day to show our mothers how much we love and appreciate them. It’s a time to reflect on all the sacrifices they have made for us, and to let them know how much we value them. So, this Mother's Day, take some time to show your mom how much you care. She deserves it!

Today, we’d like to give a shout out to all the moms on the LPGA Tour and the organizations that help make it possible for them to continue to play professionally after having children. Being a professional golfer is a demanding job. It requires long hours of practice, travel, and competition. But for some LPGA players, there's an even greater challenge: being a mom on tour.

There are currently more than 25 moms on the LPGA Tour. These women juggle the demands of motherhood with the rigors of professional golf, and they do it all with grace and determination. Fortunately, they have some great support.

The LPGA pioneered the concept of providing the children of its professional athletes with consistent,

high quality and familiar child development services. The Smucker’s LPGA Child Development Center

was the first traveling childcare center in the world of professional sports and has been with the LPGA Tour for nearly 30 years. The program has provided childcare services to LPGA athletes and staff since its inception, and it is vital to helping the LPGA’s athlete moms continue their careers after having children.

Three full-time credentialed child development staff members travel to each North American event to

care for the children of LPGA Tour moms. Week after week, as the LPGA Tour travels, the children receive consistent care and education because these same staff members travel with the center. The

facility is also supported by temporary credentialed staff and volunteers. What a great way to support LPGA Tour moms!

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