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Introducing the New Bloodline Vale.38 Putter!

Several weeks ago, we talked about the latest equipment that more and more PGA TOUR players have been experimenting with this past year – counter-balanced putters. As we noted, there are PGA TOUR players who have started using this putter design style (and winning Majors) for the very first time!

We’re happy to announce that Bloodline Golf is now offering the new Vale.38 counter-balanced putter. The “.38” model includes a 38.5” specialty steel putter shaft and a 17” Superstroke grip.

Together these two overlength components add counterbalancing stability to your stroke in a way that you’ve likely never experienced.

As a refresher, counter-balanced putters are longer than standard putters, with a length of 38”. This puts more mass near the hands and allows for a heavier head that permits more stability and control in the stroke. To compensate for the extra weight, even more weight is placed above the golfer’s hands. This is accomplished by extending the shaft length and adding more weight to the end of the shaft itself, the grip or both.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the Vale.38 putter is that if feels like time slows down through the impact zone and your putter is much more stabilized. 

It may take a little longer to set up this putter than you’re probably used to, but we find that most people adjust quickly. 

Just grip the putter at the height you are used to (maybe 34” or 35” from the ground).

And everything takes care of itself. You can usually dial it in after just a few strokes. 

You’ll notice more control and more putts going IN THE HOLE!

Now here’s the best part. The VALE.38 shaft/grip and VALE "Stand Alone" configurations are INTERCHANGEABLE! You can have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS.

If you already own a Vale putter, you can simply order the new shaft/grip and have 2 putter configurations. 

The original Vale “Stand Alone” putter allows you to stand the putter on the green, view the target line from behind the putter and diagnose and correct alignment tendencies and have perfect aim on every putt. You can improve your alignment during practice and play, and when you want more stability, you can easily switch to the Vale.38 configuration. 

We now offer the original Vale “Stand Alone” putter, the new Vale.38 counter-balanced putter, or the “Dual Threat” with a Vale head and both the original Vale and Vale.38 shaft/grip combinations. 

Click here for more information. 

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