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Tales of Haunted Golf Courses

It’s the time of year for spooky ghost stories and tales of hauntings. With Halloween only a few days away, we’ve put together a few of our favorite tales of haunted golf courses.

Victoria Golf Club – Victoria, British Colombia, Canada

Have you heard the story of the ghost that haunts Victoria Golf Club?

According to legend, a woman named Doris Gravlin agreed to meet with her estranged husband one evening in 1936 on the seventh hole at Victoria Golf Club. Both of them were never seen again. Two days later the couple’s respective parents reported them missing. Five days after they went missing a caddy discovered Doris’ beaten and strangled body on the beach.

Her husband, suspected of murdering Doris, wasn’t seen again until a month later when his body was found in the water near the course. In his pocket were Doris’s shoes, which had been reported missing when they discovered her corpse. The case was recorded as a murder-suicide and closed.

Ever since, there have been reports of a woman in a white gown (like the one she wore on the night she was murdered) hanging around the course.  She’s known to rush towards people only to vanish at the last second.  There have also been reports of strange bursts of wind on totally calm days and one particularly disturbing tale of a clammy hand grabbing a woman’s shoulder before vanishing.  Course security cameras have also picked up a strange glow floating around.

City Park Golf Course – New Orleans, Louisiana

Unexpected noises are often commonplace on the golf course. The sounds of wildlife or traffic such as a siren or a car horn, can sometimes be heard doing a round of golf. But have you ever heard a gunshot and a scream while playing?

According to local legend, in the 1960s two women were just finishing their round when a man shot and killed one of them on the 18th green of City Park Golf Course. Since then, many golfers supposedly have heard the sound of a gunshot and a chilling woman’s scream. It has sounded so real that many people have called 911 to report what they’ve heard.

Montgomery National Golf Club – Montgomery, Minnesota

Montgomery National Golf Club is an 18-hole championship course that features a beautiful rural rolling setting. It is also ranked as one of the world’s most haunted golf courses. There are two gravestones of the original settlers of the property tucked away under a large cottonwood tree near the first hole of the course.  One of these settlers supposedly strolls the course in his hat and overalls. His apparition is seen by golfers in the early morning light.

The other is apparently the club’s founder, who supposedly conducts regular checkups on his course. His pale face is often seen peering into windows. TVs here also turn on by themselves and the air conditioning’s thermostat is usually set below 50 degrees by someone unseen.

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