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Targeting Drill

When practicing, many golfers often focus more on hitting balls on the driving range and less on rolling the ball on the practice putting green.  However, in general, the number of putts a golfer takes during a round will make up approximately 40% of their total score. So, spending time practicing putting can make a big difference on the final score.

One of the things we like to work on is targeting your putt properly. We all know, whether we see it or not, that tour players are constantly working with coaches and caddies to make sure that their aim is exactly where they want it to be. Today, Larry Bischmann, Bloodline Co-Founder, takes us through a drill to perfect your ability to aim the putter face exactly where you intend.

For this drill, we recommend using the Bloodline Premium Putting Mat because it allows you to isolate the variables of aim and alignment. You know for sure that you have a straight putt, and some help with the lines on the mat and the lines on the putter face so you can make sure that the putter face is pointed exactly at the center of the hole. All that will impact the direction of the start line is whether your club face is square or not at impact.

The Bloodline Premium Putting Mat features 5 alignment lines and 3 targets. Pick any of the 5 locations from a distance of your choice, cover up the alignment lines and then address your putt.

Pick one of the three targets and once you believe you are exactly on target to where you are aimed, you can stand behind your Bloodline putter and check your alignment.

If you’re off target, you can adjust the putter from behind, so you know you’re exactly where you want to be aimed. Notice how that is different from when you initially addressed the putter.

You can continue doing this drill from any distance or location on the mat and aim at any of the three targets on the mat.

This drill allows you to continue to calibrate and learn your own tendencies for alignment. Because the more perfect your alignment is, the better chance you have at making more putts.

Watch the drill here.

Bloodline has partnered with Big Moss, the industry leader in putting surfaces, to create our Premium Putting Mat that will give you the truest off course roll you can find.

This 8-foot long by 12-inch-wide putting green is compact, lightweight, and easy to set up. It includes a foundation for cup depth and has a standard cup for the ball to fall into that gives realistic feedback just like on the golf course.  It’s a perfect fit for offices and ultra-compact situations.

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