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The Biggest Problem in Putting

Today we’re going to talk about the biggest problem people have when putting. It should come as no surprise that the biggest problem in putting is… alignment.

Imagine trying to aim a gun from the side instead of from right behind the gun. You would never hit anything. It would make no sense at all. People would look at you like you’re crazy.

But that’s how we try to get aligned in putting.

We get behind the ball, look at the hole, read the green, and choose our intended line.

But then we move to the side of the ball … and try to line up the putter face with the intended line.

It’s incredibly difficult to do consistently. If you get your alignment wrong by just 1.5 degrees, you will easily miss an 8-foot putt.

The team at Bloodline saw the problem and came up with an amazing solution. Bloodline putters.

Bloodline putters are the creation of Brad Adams and Larry Bischmann. They have each been involved with the golf industry for decades and they combine respective experiences with the Odyssey (putter) and Diamana (shaft) brands. The family of Brad Adams founded TaylorMade golf. The team behind Bloodline truly understand golf equipment that performs. 

Bloodline putters all feature an ultralight shaft along with an ultralight grip that creates a patent protected ultra-low balance point which allows the putters to stand alone on the green.

You can set the putter down, look directly down the line of the putt, line up the putter face and hit the putt on its intended line every time. 

You will see improvement in your putting through:

  • Better alignment
  • More consistency
  • More confidence

Bloodline putters are trusted by Tour Professionals including Ernie Els and already used to win 5 times on professional Tours. And they conform to the rules of golf as determined by the R&A and the USGA.

This technology is revolutionary in the putter category. If you already have a Bloodline putter, we congratulate you on making a wise choice. If not, and you’re ready to start making more putts, we invite you to check out our putters and see the difference proper alignment can make. 

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