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Tiger Drill for Improved Confidence

Today, Cody Alexander, Bloodline’s 4th generation, demonstrates a putting drill that was inspired by Tiger Woods and the grind he went through growing up to hone his putting skills and improve his confidence.

In a video clip that recently went viral, Woods explained that he used to hit 200 putts a day from four feet. Wow! But that kind of dedication and hard work is what helped make Tiger one of the world’s greatest golfers.

He later said that as he had less time daily and more injuries, he dropped that number down to 100 putts a day to include 50 with both hands and 50 with just his right hand only. That is more achievable, but still requires dedication.

This drill is inspired by Tiger’s drill, but we’re not going to tell you how many putts you have to hit.

Start by marking off a distance of 4 feet, which is usually the length of your putter plus about a foot. Then hit however many putts you want to. For the most part, you should try to end with making 10 in a row.

It may take you 50 putts to make 10 in a row, or it may only take you 10 putts. If that’s the case, just go ahead and keep repeating this drill so you get that extra confidence in your stroke.

As with any putting practice, make sure to go through your normal putting routine as you would while out on the course. Set up over the ball, step back behind the putter to check your aim, make any adjustments, get comfortable over the ball, and make a good stroke. Then go ahead and keep repeating this until you make 10 in a row.

After you’ve made 10 in a row, you’re going to take it up a level. You’re going to putt with your right hand only.

One thing we’ve noticed is that when people use only their right hand, they often grab the top of their putter. Unless you use a reverse grip, that’s not where your right hand is usually positioned. That’s not where you control the putter, so it’s bad to practice that way.

To make sure you’re doing it correctly, take your regular grip with both hands and then just remove your left hand. Then go ahead and make the stroke. It’s going to feel a little awkward and it’s going to be something that you’re not used to, but it will really tell you what your right hand is doing in the stroke and will give you some better feel when you putt with both hands.

During the putt, you can keep your left hand on your right shoulder and not tucked behind so you can still feel the rotation of your shoulders.

Try to make as smooth of a stroke as possible with just the right hand. Try to make 10 in a row with just your right hand and then hit a couple of putts afterwards using both hands and your stroke will feel a lot smoother. 

Go out there and try it and let us know what you think. 

Click here for the full video of the drill.

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