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Broken or Replacement Shaft

We are sorry to hear that your shaft has been damaged. Bloodline shafts are made out of premium carbon fiber which helps the performance  characteristics of the putter but can be compromised more easily than steel. The best way to minimize the chances of this happening in the future is to be sure the putter is kept in the tube in the golf bag when it is not being used. In many cases, customers that have broken their shaft did not realize how to properly use and care for the shaft.


Most Bloodline putters have an interchangeable hosel that enables a broken shaft to be unscrewed using the allen wrench (9/64" hex) and swapped with a new replacement shaft.   Please fill out the fields below and we will look up your putter in our system.  For customers who are registered properly in the system, we will discount and/or warranty one accidental shaft breakage within the first 90 days.    

When you receive your supplemental shaft in the mail, you will need to return the hosel (bottom aluminum piece on tip of the shaft which can be cut a couple inches above top of hosel to make shipping easier). 

Again, we are sorry about the shaft breakage and we hope to have your putter back in action as soon as possible.