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Ernie Els Explains His Putter/ Ball Placement Tip for More Accurate Putts

This week we have a tip from Ernie Els that explains how placing the putter and ball a certain way before you putt can help show you the line to the hole.

“Virtually every tour player I know places the ball a certain way when they prepare to putt. Mostly it’s out of habit, sometimes superstition. But one thing’s for sure, for most professionals there’s nothing random about marking and replacing the ball on the green.

What a lot of amateurs don’t realize is that there are actually some benefits to placing the ball a certain way. The most common method is having the maker’s name aligned so that it runs along the target line – kind of showing you the line to the hole, I guess. This is a great method that Bloodline's putters have taken to another level. The putter allows you to really focus your mind and visualize the ball rolling, end over end, down the intended line. If it helps create those positive mental pictures, even in the tiniest way, then it’s well worth doing.


Another method is to have the maker’s name on the back portion of the ball, exactly where the putter face makes contact. This helps you concentrate on accelerating the putter into something specific which, say, when you’re a long way from the hole, encourages you to be positive. I know for a fact that Gary Player has favored this method from time to time over the years.

Little things like this can often ‘click’ you into a positive frame of mind. In a way it’s all part of the routine I referred to in some of my earlier tips, a routine which can make such a huge difference to your performances on the greens.”

Thank you, Ernie!

Bloodline has designed a putter that will help you practice Ernie’s tip more effectively.

The stand-up ability of a Bloodline putter enables you to aim from behind the ball on every putt. By letting go of the putter and walking behind it you can see exactly where your putter is aimed. This routine allows you to check and correct your misaimed putts which reduces your margin of error and increases the probability of making more putts.

We’re big fans of practicing your putting here at Bloodline Golf. Look for emails with holiday deals on our putters and putting mat so you can keep your putting game in great shape year round!

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