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Get Fit with Bloodline’s Free New Putter Fitting!

Club fittings can get pricey but with Bloodline they are worth every cent (FREE!). One of the most important things you can do for your putting is to make sure your putter is properly fit for you. It will optimize your results with Bloodline by ensuring you are in the same position for every putt.

It’s important that the putter you use fits your body type, size, and stroke mechanics. In fact, a study on putting showed that the number of putts that were made from 5 feet increased from 5.6 to 6.1 out of 10 when players used a putter that was correctly fit.

Ideally, it’s best to work with a golf professional that can help you determine the correct putter fit for you. However, not everyone has access to a pro but it’s still important to learn the correct specs so that you get the most out of your Bloodline putter.

Bloodline’s patented technology will be even more effective when your putter fits properly and with our new putter fitting, this is something you can choose to do whenever you are ready.

That’s why we’ve developed three fitting methods to get you started. Simply, choose your method and we will get you started on the path to becoming a better putter. Our Premium method features Bloodline’s proprietary fitting, our DIY Custom Fitting method allows you to fit yourself, and our Starting Point is a basic method based on your height. Best of all, they’re currently all free. Here is a quick breakdown of each method.

The Premium method requires that you have a tripod or a friend that can take a video of you setting up and taking a couple of strokes with your putter. You can email the video to us, and we’ll use JC Video software analysis and technology to make a recommendation for a putter that will fit you perfectly.

The DIY Custom Fitting method requires a tape measure and the ability to edit a picture on a smartphone. Directions on how to do this are included on our website.

For the Starting Point method, we’ve put together a chart based on thousands of putter fittings that is very effective at predicting the starting point that will fit you. For many players, starting with just your height is extremely predictive of what specs will be a likely fit. 

For more details about our putter fitting and to choose the best method for you, please visit https://bloodline.golf/pages/putter-fitting.

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