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Golf Instructor Sees Immediate Results Using the Bloodline Vale Putter with Students

Meurig Morgan is a golf instructor with a vision. He also happens to be a Bloodline enthusiast.

Morgan is the owner of Dragon Golf Instruction in Oregon City, Oregon and he works with elite juniors who since 2015 have won 352 local, regional and national tournaments including on US Kids, Oregon Junior Golf, OSAA, AJGA, USGA and FCG tours. In 2023 alone, his students have won over 90 tournaments. Many students have gone on to receive partial to full ride scholarships to play college golf.

His teaching philosophy is simple – K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). He has taught this same basic principle since he started instructing and he is always looking for a way to help his students improve without overwhelming them with too much information.

In the spring of 2023, he was in search of a putter company that he could partner with. He came across Bloodline on Instagram and thought it would be a great training aid for alignment, so he contacted the company, and they sent him a couple putters to try with his students.

“Bloodline made a ton of sense to me,” said Morgan. “It’s a great tool not only as a training aid, but as a putter as well.”

Morgan started using the Vale putter while working with several of his students including Kyra Ly, who was struggling with her putting at the time. When teaching putting, he uses the Capto putting analysis system which gives detailed, accurate and reliable putting parameters for complete analysis.

He had Kyra use the Bloodline putter to help with her alignment in practice and everything went green on the Capto system. When she switched back to her old putter, the Capto showed a couple of greens and several reds and yellows. He told Kyra she needed to put the Bloodline in her bag because the numbers were so good. She listened to his advice and immediately started playing better and winning. We wrote about it a couple months ago. Click here to read that article.

“It's not just Kyra who is seeing benefits from using Bloodline,” added Morgan. “Every week I work with my students using Bloodline and the Capto system and all the numbers have been great. I work on aim with the majority of my students and have noticed that 90% of them are lined up incorrectly. This causes them to make a weird stroke in order to putt more accurately.”

“The forgiveness and lack of twisting with Bloodline is mind blowing. You can hit off-center putts and the putter won’t twist. It really instills confidence because you know you’re aiming it correctly. Once you take a few minutes to calibrate it at the course you’re playing, you can dial in your distance control as well.”

“I’m thrilled that I found Bloodline and that it’s helping me help my students improve their putting.”

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