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Putting Drill – Gain Confidence by Practicing this Gimmie Drill

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This week, Cody Alexander, Bloodline’s 4th generation, shows us a drill to work on your confidence with short putts using your Bloodline putter.

We all have that distance on the putting green where we start to lose confidence that we’re going to make the putt. It could be a distance of 3 or 4 feet, but you dread those putts.

This lack of confidence affects your strategy for how you putt, chip and hit approach shots to the green. You start to think that you don’t want to hit the ball more than 3 or 4 feet from the hole because there’s a good chance that you’re going to miss it and possibly 2 or 3-putt. When you extend that comfort zone through targeted practice, you can start taking a more aggressive and confident approach around the green.

To start the drill, we’re going to set up four tees around the hole at a distance of about 3 feet, depending on how comfortable you are. If 3-feet is a troublesome distance for you, put it at 3 feet, but if you’re comfortable at 3 feet, go ahead and push it to 4 feet so you can build some extra confidence from further out.

Place the ball at one of the tees, set up over the putt with your Bloodline putter, step away to make sure you’re aligned at the center of the pin or narrowly off the pin, step up to the putt again and hit it with a little extra pace so it easily drops into the hole. Then continue to the next tee, so you can experience putting from a different direction with different undulations.

Keep going around the circle until you can make each of the putts from this distance. Then you can start increasing your distance from the hole slightly until you feel comfortable with each new distance.

This drill allows you to have confidence that you’ll make your putt when you have a long putt or an approach shot that ends up 3 – 5 feet from the hole.

Easy Drill

Practice from about 3 feet away from the hole and go around the circle at least 3 times.

Challenging Drill

Move the tees out about another foot from the hole and go around the circle at least 3 times, making every putt before you move on to the next distance. Continue moving out until you get to about 5 or 6 feet away from the target.

Using a Bloodline putter gives you more confidence because it allows you to make sure you’re aligned with your target every time you start your putt.

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