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Putting Drill – Perfect Start Line

Today, Larry Bischmann, Bloodline Co-Founder, takes us through a perfect start line drill to help improve your ability to aim the putter face exactly where you intend and square the putter face to the aim line.

In this drill, we use the Bloodline Premium Putting Mat. The mat features three lines that line up with sight lines on Bloodline putters and includes 2 different areas to test/practice your aim.  Using this mat will enhance your practice with your Bloodline or any other putter.  You can work on your stroke and practice using the alignment features of the putter to improve your aim. 

To begin the drill, you can pick any of the starting locations for the ball and any of the targets on the mat. We recommend initially starting with the center of the hole for the target.

Wherever you start, the key is to make sure the putter face is lined up exactly at the center of the hole. To do this, simply set up over your putter, then step back behind the ball and make sure you’re lined up correctly. Now that you’ve eliminated that variable, then you just need to trust your alignment and when taking the stroke, return the putter face to square.

For an even bigger challenge, you can put a golf ball on one of the starting locations and another one on an edge target on either side of the hole and do the same thing. This time you will be aiming at the center of the ball on the edge target. Your goal is to hit the ball on the edge target. This will help take your putting to a new level.

The end goal of this drill is to be able to take this skill out on the course and be comfortable with lining up the putter face exactly where you want and making a square stroke. The result is that you will end up making more putts.

Bloodline has partnered with Big Moss, the industry leader in putting surfaces, to create our Premium Putting Mat that will give you the truest off course roll you can find.

This 8-foot long by 12-inch wide putting green is compact, lightweight, and easy to set up. It includes a foundation for cup depth and has a standard cup for the ball to fall into that gives realistic feedback just like on the golf course.  It’s a perfect fit for offices and ultra-compact situations.

To find out more about the Bloodline Premium Putting Mat, visit https://bloodline.golf/products/targeting-mat

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