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Square Impact Putting Drill


Making sure your putter face is square to the target at impact is one of the most important elements of your stroke.  Even if you can read the green, align your putter face and judge speed properly, it won’t matter if your ball does not start on the intended line.

There are a few things that you can do to improve your square impact when putting. Today, Larry Bischmann, Bloodline Co-Founder, takes us through a drill to help improve your ability to ingrain a consistent stroke that will get the ball started on your aim line every time.

For this drill, we recommend using the Bloodline Premium Putting Mat because it allows you to isolate the variables of aim and alignment. You know for sure that you have a straight putt, and some help with the lines on the mat and the lines on the putter face so you can make sure that the putter face is pointed exactly at the center of the hole. All that will impact the direction of the start line is whether your club face is square or not at impact.

When you take the stroke, if the ball ends up to the right or right side of the hole, that means you pushed or opened the face. If the ball ends up to the left or the left side of the hole, you that means you pulled or closed the face.

Now you need to practice hitting it in the center of the hole by swinging the putter back and forth in a smooth, pendulum motion.

Start from a distance of about 4 feet from the hole and practice this drill for 10 – 15 minutes each day. As you start making more putts in the center of the hole, move your starting position back about a foot and continue the daily drills until you can confidently hit the center of the hole from every distance on the putting mat.

This drill is designed to help you understand what it feels like to bring the putter face back to exactly where it starts. If you can ingrain this feeling, it allows you to have confidence to get the ball started wherever you’re aimed regardless of where you are on the putting green.

You will still have to read the green correctly and hit the putt with the right speed, but you’ll have more confidence as you groove a more consistent stroke.

Watch the drill here.

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