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Tips to get ready for the start of the golf season.


March is here and, in a few weeks, it will officially be spring. That means the start of the golf season is right around the corner. Even though it may be cold and wintery for a couple more months, it’s time to get ready to get out and play this spring. We’ve put together a few tips to help you prepare for your return to the course.

Inspect your clubs.

The start of the season is a good time to clean your clubs and inspect them for any damage or wear. Check your grips. Are they worn down or slick? Do you remember the last time you re-gripped your clubs? It might be time to change them out before your first round of the year.

Go through your golf gear.

How is your golf bag holding up? Are there any tears and do all the zippers work? Throw out any snacks you may have left in your bag at the end of the season last year. Make sure your glove, balls and golf shoes are all in good shape. If not, it might be time to do a little shopping.

Take a lesson.

Schedule a lesson with your local golf pro. This will give you confidence that you’re starting the season on the right foot. It will also help to ensure that your fundamentals such as grip, posture, stance, and impact position are tuned up. We all know that old habits die hard, so it might not be a bad idea to schedule a few more lessons as the season progresses.

Practice your putting.

Of course, we’re going to recommend this! Putting is a vital part of your game and it’s easy to practice indoors during the off season with a putting mat or on the carpet if you don’t have a mat. We have several tips on our YouTube page to help you improve this part of your game. Click here to see our latest tips.

Set goals for the season.

Setting goals is a great way to kick off your season. They can be as simple as playing more, practicing more, making more putts or just having more fun. Or they can be bigger such as winning the club championship or meeting Tiger Woods! The key to setting good goals is to write them down, make sure they’re achievable, and then come up with a plan on how to reach them.

Practice visualization.

Research shows that there’s a strong link between imagined and real physical movements. When you imagine a physical action, you stimulate the muscles that would be used in that action for real. You can apply this technique to your game by spending time imagining the movement you’re trying to achieve in your swing or stroke. This can help accelerate the time it takes to make it part of your muscle memory. 

Are you ready to start playing golf again?

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