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Which putter head style is right for you?

The two most common styles of putter heads are blade putters and mallet putters. How do you know which one is right for you?

 One way to select a putter is by how it looks when you stand over it and hit a few putts with it. Does it instill confidence? Does it have enough alignment lines?  Does it set up well? Does it feel solid?

Another way is to determine your natural stroke path. Do you have a straight back and straight though stroke or do you have an arc type stroke?

If you have a straight back and through stroke, you may putt better with a mallet design. If you have an arc type putting stroke, a blade style putter may be better for you because you can fan open the clubface and then close it as you go through impact.

Here are a few characteristics about both mallet and blade putters to help you decide.

Mallet putters are much larger than blade putters, which creates a larger sweet spot. This means that even if you miss hit the ball slightly, there is a chance that your ball will still roll towards your target.

Pros of a Mallet Putter

  • They work well with the straight back straight through putting stroke
  • They’re very forgiving
  • Alignment is generally easier than with a blade because alignment lines are longer
  • They’re available in center-shafted models
  • They make it easier to learn distance control

Cons of a Mallet Putter

  • They don’t work well with an arc type stroke
  • They’re not the best choice on fast greens

A blade putter is the traditional golf putter design. Blade putters are often the choice of tour professionals because they provide better control and feel.

Pros of a Blade Putter

  • They work well with the arc type stroke
  • They have great feel and control
  • They allow for consistent impact
  • They work well on fast greens
  • They are great for precision-based performance

Cons of a Blade Putter

  • They are not the most forgiving putter design
  • They are generally harder to line up properly

Whatever your putting style or preference, Bloodline has you covered. Our R-Series is available in blade or mallet styles and our Vale Series and T8 putters are both mallet designs. All Bloodline putters feature interchangeable/adjustable components. The ability to interchange a variety of shaft/hosel combinations and lengths and lies enables golfers of all levels and putting styles to easily get the proper fit.

Whether you decide on a blade or a mallet, Bloodline technology takes alignment out of the equation by making it possible for a player to clearly see where the putter is aligned because they can walk behind it while it stands alone. We help people make more putts through better alignment, more consistency and more confidence.

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