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3 Putting Drills to Practice at Home

Want to keep your putting sharp or even improve it during the off-season when you can’t play outdoors? We've got you covered with a few of our favorite putting drills you can practice at home or on the course when the weather allows.

One-Handed Putting Drill

This is an easy drill that will help you with your feel, distance control and touch. It will also help you to putt with a smooth stroke that stays on the line instead of a jabbing stroke.

Place a target on the carpet to putt to from any distance. If it’s your first time, start from 3 to 5 feet and using only your back hand (your right hand if you putt right-handed or your left hand if you putt left-handed) stroke one-handed putts trying to hit your target. Work on keeping the putter path straight as well as the face of your putter square to your target.

Once you get comfortable with your initial distance, move further back and practice from the new distance. Another benefit: As your consistency, distance control and accuracy increases, your confidence will also increase.

Putting Path Drill

In the one-handed drill above, you need to work on keeping the putter path straight. If you’re having problems with that, this next drill will help.

In this drill, you will need two clubs or alignment sticks. Simply place them outside the heel and toe of your putter and putt through them without hitting them. This will help create a straighter back, straighter through stroke and will make sure your putter is moving on a good path and your ball is starting on your intended line.

Lag Putting Drill

This is another very simple, yet effective drill designed to help you if you’re struggling with you lag putting.

Create a target on the carpet with a piece of tape or use a putting mat and place a club about 2 feet behind the hole or target. Your goal is to have your ball finish either at the target, or past it but not touching the club behind it. Start from 3 feet away from the target and move the distance back as you gain a better sense of distance control.

Bonus Tip! Use a putting mat to get the most out of your practice.

If you want to practice with a putting mat, we recommend our Bloodline Golf Putting Mat, which was designed by Big Moss Golf, producers of what many consider the truest putting surface in the industry. It is an 8-foot long by 12-inch wide putting green that is compact, lightweight, and easy to set up. It includes a foundation for cup depth and has a standard cup for the ball to fall into that gives realistic feedback just like on the golf course.  It’s a perfect fit for offices and ultra-compact situations. 

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