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Different Stokes Work for Different Folks By Ernie Els


Last week, we reviewed the top 3 ways that 90% of all golfers grip their putter. Today, Ernie Els goes into more detail about the cross-handed method and how it could help you improve your stroke.

 “Putting is open to greater personal interpretation than any other aspect of the game, which is why you see some weird and wonderful styles, not just at the club level but on the pro circuits, too. If you find things aren’t working in your stroke, you might like to try the cross-handed method.

This really is quite popular now in the professional ranks. While this method isn’t for me, I can see the advantages. For one thing it keeps your shoulders more level at address, instead of the right shoulder being lower that the left as would normally be the case. This helps produce a lower-to-the-ground takeaway and a smooth, on-the-up stroke into impact. So, the ball rolls pretty well.

It also means the right hand is less dominant and the left wrist stays pretty much locked in place through the hitting area. A firm left wrist is crucial in any successful stroke because it encourages the putter face to stay square throughout, which obviously translates into more on-line putts. Be prepared to give it time, though, and make an effort to get used to it.”

Thank you, Ernie!

It’s always good to try new things when something isn’t working well. With Bloodline, you don’t have to worry about alignment, so you can work on your stroke and distance control. Our putters allow you to have a consistent, repeatable setup and great feel no matter what method you use to grip your club.

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