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Mastering the Green: Tips to Channel Your Inner Korda or Scheffler

Nelly Korda and Scottie Scheffler are rewriting the record books on their respective tours. Their success might seem otherworldly, but the core principles behind their games are attainable for golfers of all levels. Here's how you can incorporate some of their winning strategies into your own approach:

Embrace Accuracy Over Power:

  • Korda's Key: While distance is impressive, replicating Korda's focus on precision is key. Aim for consistent, controlled drives that find the fairway, even if they don't always travel the farthest. This sets you up for better scoring opportunities throughout the round.
  • Scheffler's Strength: Don't neglect distance entirely! Take inspiration from Scheffler's well-rounded game. Work on building a strong swing that generates power while maintaining control. This allows you to attack longer holes without sacrificing accuracy.

Sharpen Your Short Game:

  • Korda's Championship Caliber Chipping: Mastering chip shots, like Korda, is a game-changer. Practice different chip distances and techniques to ensure you can attack the green confidently, regardless of lie.
  • Scheffler's Putting Prowess: Learn from Scheffler's putting consistency. Dial in your putting routine and focus on reading greens effectively. Even the longest drives won't matter without solid putting.

Develop Mental Toughness:

  • Korda's Competitive Calm: Channel Korda's "bubble" mentality. Learn to block out distractions and focus solely on the shot at hand. Visualization exercises can also help build confidence and prepare you for pressure situations.
  • Scheffler's Steely Resolve: Develop unwavering focus like Scheffler. Practice staying composed during your round, even after a bad shot. Remember, every golfer makes mistakes; it's how you respond that defines your game.

Make Sure You Have the Right Tools in Your Bag:

  • Korda’s Club Change: Korda has made a few key changes to her bag from the tail-end of last season and her most recent win. She has made a change to her driver and her ball, stating that she likes the look of her new driver compared to the other models.
  • Scheffler’s Short Game Boost: In early March, Scheffler changed his putter, going from a blade to a mallet and added a half-inch of length to it. Since then, he has won four out of five events he’s played in, including The Masters.

Seek Professional Guidance:

  • Invest in Lessons: Both Korda and Scheffler have honed their skills under the watchful eye of qualified instructors. Consider taking lessons from a PGA or LPGA professional to identify areas for improvement and develop a personalized practice plan.
  • Find a Good Coach: A coach can not only improve your swing mechanics but also provide valuable mental game strategies.


Becoming a good golfer takes time, dedication, and a love for the game. Don't get discouraged by setbacks; focus on small improvements and celebrate your progress. By incorporating these elements inspired by Korda and Scheffler's success stories, you can elevate your own game and develop a winning approach on the course.

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