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Mastering the Green: Effective Putting Practice Techniques for Lower Scores

The golf season has arrived, and golfers are dusting off their clubs and getting out on the course. Many people will head for the range to get a few swings in before their first round of the season, but it’s important to practice all aspects of the game. Putting is often overlooked when it comes to practice, yet it holds the key to unlocking lower golf scores. Consistent putting can shave strokes off your game and leave you feeling confident on the green. Here are some effective ways to practice putting and elevate your performance:

Drills for Accuracy and Feel:

  • Tee Drill: Place a tee in the ground 4 feet from your ball. Aim to hit the ball directly into the base of the tee. This refines your stroke and promotes accuracy.
  • Line Drills: Use alignment aids like strings, lines, or training gates to practice aiming and ensuring your putting stroke is on the intended line. Or get a Bloodline putter and practice your alignment every time you play.
  • Distance Control Drills: Mark different distances (3ft, 6ft, 10ft, etc.) on your putting mat or green and practice hitting putts to stop within a specific radius of the target hole. This develops a feel for distance and speed control.

Practice with Purpose:

  • Lag Putting: Focus on getting longer putts (20-30ft) within a specific distance of the hole (e.g., within 3 feet of the hole). This improves your ability to judge distance and leave yourself with a tap-in putt.
  • Pressure Putts: Simulate pressure situations by setting up short putts with imaginary scenarios (e.g., birdie putt, par save). This helps develop mental focus and confidence under pressure.
  • Putting Games: Play putting games with friends or by yourself to add an element of fun and competition. This keeps practice engaging and helps track your progress.

Invest in Putting Aids:

  • Putting Mat: A good quality putting mat with a realistic feel allows you to practice indoors or anywhere with a flat surface. Click here to check out our Bloodline putting mat.
  • Putting Mirror: A putting mirror helps you visualize your posture, alignment, and stroke mechanics.
  • Training Aids: Devices like putting gates, alignment rods, and weighted putters can provide specific feedback and help isolate areas for improvement.


  • Consistency is Key: Regular, focused practice is crucial for improvement. Aim for short, frequent practice sessions over long, infrequent ones.
  • Focus on Fundamentals: Maintain a consistent grip, posture, and stroke path for repeatable results.
  • Read the Green: Understanding green slopes and grain direction is essential for accurate distance control.
  • Mental Game: Stay focused, trust your read, and manage pressure to perform your best on the green.

By incorporating these tips and utilizing various practice methods, you can significantly improve your putting skills and see a positive impact on your overall golf score. Remember, consistent putting practice is the key to unlocking your inner putting prowess and conquering the green.

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