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Does the Bloodline stand-up feature make the putter feel different?

We get asked this question quite a bit and we want to point out that our putters have tremendous feel, roll and release. The stand-up feature is an added bonus!

When we came up with the concept for the original Bloodline putters, our first objective was to design a head that players would choose to play regardless of whether it stands up on its own or not. We chose a construction that features a machined aluminum face, body, and hosel that are bonded to a stainless-steel sole plate.

We needed the feel at impact, roll off the face, and mass properties to work for the best players in the world on Tour. Additionally, we developed a unique sole design that helps the putter stand alone without interfering with the ground during the swing. We went through numerous iterations and have a proprietary combination of touch points that are critical to Bloodline’s breakthrough technology.

We paid attention to all components of the putter, not just the head. When it comes to putter shafts, length seems to be the only spec that most other companies mention. It is just assumed that all putters are built with a standard steel shaft.

In the Bloodline putter, designing a putter shaft that is unlike anything that has been played before makes the difference. We have created an ultralight shaft that does not compromise on feel or flex characteristics. We have also integrated an oversized gripping section directly into the shaft.

Compared to the traditional 100-gram steel putter shaft and 50-gram rubber grip, we’ve removed over two thirds (or ~100 grams) from this part of the club. This pioneering construction enables Bloodline putters to have an extremely low balance point that helps give more feel and release during the stroke.

Hall-of-Famer Ernie Els has been a supporter of Bloodline since he first played the original R1-J blade putter in mid-2017. “I fell in love with the feel and roll the first time I used the putter,” said Els. “Then, the more I worked with the Bloodline technology, the more I felt like it was helping my confidence and also my consistency.”

You can decide to use the stand-up feature for practice only or during play.

All our products are designed to help you make more putts and lower your scores. We started out with our R-Series putters and have expanded to include the Vale and T8 putters. We’ve also added a putting mat to help you practice your putting year-round.

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