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Game Changers in Golf: The Evolution of the Golf Bag

In the early days of golf, golfers would typically carry their clubs bound with twine or some kind of cord.  The golf bag was not invented until the late 1800s. The first canvas golf bag was less than 35 inches tall, had metal ends for both protection and shape, and a 4.4 inch opening at one end in which you placed your clubs in. Over time, golf bags became slightly larger with a pocket sewn into the outside. Fancier models were crafted from leather or cloth. This style of bag was used into the 1930s.

As golfers began to play more holes with more clubs, the original golf bag became too small. When WWII came around, more advanced manufacturing materials such as Cordura® fabrics and lightweight metals were invented. These materials allowed for larger bags which fit more clubs. 

In 1956, the golf cart was invented and carrying the golf bag became less popular. With the golf carts doing most of the work, golfer’s bags grew larger and heavier. Hefty vinyl was often the bag material of choice.

However, golfers who wanted to walk had to lug these heavy bags for 18 holes. In the late 1970’s, Rick Reimers, a San Jose, California golf pro and founder of Sun Mountain, noticed a lack of quality and function in golf bags. He borrowed from backpack manufacturers and designed golf bags constructed from lightweight nylon. Reimers is credited with creating the first lightweight golf bag.

In 1986, Sun Mountain made what is considered by many to be the biggest breakthrough in the modern golf bag with the invention of the first golf bag with built-in legs. The golf stand bag was born. Bags also featured drop-tops that gave golfers the ability to segment the short irons and pull multiple clubs at one time. 

For walkers, the lightweight carry bag continued to evolve. In 1991, T.J. Izzo invented the IZZO Dual Strap System that revolutionized golf. Frank Thomas, technical director of the USGA, hailed the IZZO Dual Strap System as the fourth greatest innovation in modern golf, right behind graphite shafts, the modern golf ball, and metal woods. Thirty years later, most stand bags, regardless of the brand, feature dual strap technology either licensed from or inspired by IZZO.

Today, there are different types of golf bags available to meet the diverse demands of golfers. Popular styles of bags now include cart bags, tour bags, stand bags and Sunday bags. The features of the modern golf bag have evolved to allow golfers to play faster and more efficiently. 

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