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How to Retain the Triangle in Putting by Ernie Els

This week, Ernie Els tells us to keep it simple when putting by retaining the triangle during the stroke.

“In the stroke itself, I think you just need a couple of key thoughts to ensure that your putting stroke runs smoothly. Any more than that and you’ll be rigid with tension. You’ll also probably stand over the ball for an age as you try to put all the various moves and keys into some sort of order. Not a good thing.

So, keep it simple. That’s the best approach.

Give it a try. As you move the putter back, your shoulders should rock, and your hands stay pretty passive. Now from there you just need to rock your shoulders back and accelerate the putter into the back of the ball. Don’t go meddling with your hands or getting all ‘wristy’ – just keep your left wrist firm and strike the back of the ball. If your ball position is correct, you’ll strike the ball ever-so-slightly on the up-stroke – just what you need to put a smooth roll on the putt.


Form the triangle at address and retain it throughout the stroke – it’s as simple as that.

One final thing. You’ll see in my stroke that my left elbow and wrist stay high all the way through impact. I like the way that feels, to me it kind of helps stop my left wrist breaking down. You don’t have to do that, but it is important that the left wrist stays firm as you accelerate the putter head through the ball. If you left wrist ‘breaks down’ you will miss the putt, guaranteed.”

Thank you, Ernie!


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