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Take a leap on February 29th with some fun golf activities.

February 29th isn't just an extra day on the calendar, it's an opportunity for golfers to break free from the usual routine and celebrate their love for the game. We put together a list of some fun golf activities you can do to celebrate the extra day:

Challenge Yourself:

  • 29-Hole Marathon: Go beyond the standard 18 holes and test your endurance with a full 29-hole round. Adjust the format for variety, playing scrambles or best ball on some holes.
  • Leap Day Challenge: Organize a friendly competition with friends or family at an executive course or mini golf course. Award prizes for the winners and maybe even some consolation rewards for creative attempts.
  • Master a New Skill: Take a golf lesson from a pro, focusing on an aspect you've been wanting to improve. Alternatively, use online resources or tutorials to conquer that tricky bunker shot or perfect your chip-in technique. If you want to work on your putting, we have several tips on our YouTube page to help you improve this part of your game. Click here to see our latest tips.

Get Creative:

  • Throw a Golf-Themed Party: Decorate your space with golf memorabilia, serve food and drinks inspired by famous courses or tournaments, and play fun games like putting challenges or trivia quizzes.
  • Movie Marathon Madness: Grab some popcorn and settle in for a classic golf movie marathon. From the hilarious antics of "Caddyshack" to the inspiring journey of "Happy Gilmore," there's a film for every golfer's taste.
  • Leap into Literature: Expand your golfing knowledge by delving into books like "Golf: A Very Peculiar History" or "Zen and the Art of Golf," exploring the game's fascinating history and philosophies.

Beyond the Course:

  • Golf Entertainment: Get some friends together and head to your local Topgolf or Drive Shack and play fun golf games while enjoying a wide variety of food and drinks. 
  • Indoor Practice: If the weather doesn't cooperate, head indoors for some practice. Hitting nets, putting mats, and even virtual golf simulators offer options to sharpen your skills in a climate-controlled environment.

Give Back:

  • Volunteer Your Time: Consider reaching out to local schools with golf teams, or public courses who may need volunteers to help their programs run.
  • Dontate Your Used Clubs: Do a quick Google search in your area to find places that collect used clubs or ask at the courses you play at if they know if any local golf teams, programs, or organizations are looking for used clubs.

No matter how you choose to spend it, Leap Day is a great day to celebrate the love of golf.

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