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Mastering Putting on Fast Greens

The US Open is only two weeks away and we know that the greens are notoriously fast at this tournament, consistently exceeding speeds that golfers encounter during regular play. 

Fast greens can strike fear into the heart of even the most seasoned golfer. The ball seems to rocket off the putter face, leaving you scrambling to chase down runaway birdie putts and desperately avoiding three-putts. But fear not! Here are some key strategies to tame those speedy greens and elevate your putting game:

Know Your Enemy: Reading Speed

Before you even think about swinging, prioritize reading the green's speed. Watch other players putt, observe the roll-on chip shots, and pay close attention to the slope. Take a few practice strokes to get a feel for how much power you'll need to generate the desired pace. Remember, it's always better to under-hit a putt on a fast green than over-hit it. An off-line putt with proper speed has a better chance of finding the hole than a rocket that blows past.

Shorter Strokes, More Control

Forget about the long, powerful putting strokes you might use on slower greens. Fast greens demand shorter, more controlled strokes. Think of a pendulum swinging back and forth, with minimal backswing and a follow-through that mirrors the backswing. This will help you generate a consistent pace and minimize unwanted acceleration.

Choke Down on the Grip

Here's a quick trick to further encourage a controlled stroke: choke down on the grip. By positioning your hands lower on the putter shaft, you shorten the lever and naturally restrict the length of your swing. This promotes a smoother, more controlled putting motion, perfect for those fast greens.

Aim High, Let it Die

The biggest mistake on fast greens is aiming directly for the hole. Because the ball will roll further, you need to take a higher line into account. Visually pick a spot a few inches beyond the hole where you want the ball to start slowing down, and then aim accordingly. Trust the speed of the green and let the ball "die" into the hole naturally.

Practice Patience

Fast greens require a different mentality. Leaving yourself with tap-in birdie putts might be a dream on slower surfaces, but on these speedy greens, two-putts are victories in themselves. Focus on precise lag putting, getting the ball close to the hole with good pace, and celebrate those hard-earned pars. The birdies will come with time and practice.

Embrace the Challenge

Fast greens present a unique challenge, but they also offer an opportunity to refine your putting skills. By mastering these strategies and developing a feel for the speed, you'll become a more well-rounded golfer and a confident competitor on any course. For even more confidence on the green, check out our award-winning Vale putter. Bloodline's patented technology and premium construction will equip you with everything you need to be the best putter you can be.

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